This modern, custom-built residential home is perfectly situated on an elevated site in Te Puna, Tauranga with a stunning view out over land, water and towards Motuhoa Island.  The home is traversed by a long hallway, which bends from the front entrance and leads down to the bedrooms.

Recessed track lighting runs the entire length of this hallway and was used in black to create a strong linear element and lead the eye down the space.

Eight, black Metro 40 track lights are positioned along the length of track and directed towards various feature elements, such as art, decor and the large brick feature wall and sliding barn doors. Beams of light wash over the brick texture and are contrasted against the shaded brick relief, creating an extra sense of depth and richness.

A large benefit of track is that it allows for lighting to be adjusted, relocated, added to or subtracted from as needs, decorations and preferences change.  The Metro 40 lights are used in warm white (3000K) to add a warmth and cosiness to the space.

Big thanks to the Mansell Residence - Te Puna, Tauranga