LED NEON produced by Clear Lighting and distributed by Bright Light, is a broad range of silicone encapsulated LED ribbons. NEON is perfect for commercial applications where high-quality lighting is required. Modern LED technology offers a durability that surpasses the traditional glass product, injection moulded connections offer up to IP68 protection, and the silicone casing provides UV and flame resistance while distributing uniform light. More information about Neon.

On occasion, a project asks for more – Bright Light proudly introduces NEON XTRA, a highly specialised, application specific range of Neon products designed for niche applications.

The Neon Xtra range includes:

  • Luxpave™ – In-ground, drive-over luminaire systems
  • Transportation Lighting for applications like road bridges
  • SafeGlo™ – Hazardous environment applications
  • ThermGlo™ – Designed for Sauna & steam room

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Neon Xtra Luxpave™ offers an unparalleled choice for LED in-ground applications, boasting an unrivalled dot and glare-free lighting solution that is resistant to vandalism, UV, water, corrosion, and slipping.

  • IP68 Neon enclosed in a solid metal casing and sealed with a silicone diffuser.
  • Suitable for use in walkways, driveways, civic squares, parking lots, landscapes, fountains, and more.
  • Drive-over product with capacity of over 30 times a standard car weight.
  • Achieve a continuous line of light by infinitely splicing the standard in-ground lights with no dark spots.

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Flexglo™ F2222 and Flexglo™ F2219 can illuminate a modern city with vitality, creating an iconic nightscape that takes centre stage. Whether it’s bridge lighting, metro lighting, tunnel lighting, or more.

  • 3G Vibration Rating - suitable for use on bridges & overpasses.
  • The ClearTech PinBoost™ and solid casing structure, protect the internal components.
  • An even and soft glow surface protects drivers & pedestrians from glare.
  • The larger emitting light surface ensures a sufficient viewing angle.
  • IP68 silicone injection-moulded connector is UV & weather tight.
  • Energy-efficient with a luminous efficacy of up to 85lm/w and a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours.

Flexglo™ meets your needs for a vibrant and safe urban environment. Talk to us about using Neon in your next project!

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Introducing Safeglo™ Ex LED Neon, a fully encapsulated silicone-based luminaire. Its silicone extruded housing acts as insulation against external ignition sources. Despite its compact size, this flexible LED luminaire proves capable of handling diverse and complex environments, especially when combined with purpose-built accessories.

  • Up to 30m in single length, ideal for long-range scenarios including tunnels and coal mines.
  • SafeGlo™ can attach to the wall or a beam, fit neatly in recesses or be suspended.
  • The silicone housing can withstand more than 100kg tensile force without breaking.
  • Silicone encapsulation isolates explosive gases and dust, minimizing explosion risks.
  • 24V low-voltage design reduces the chances of serious electric shocks, ensuring safety for outdoor lighting installations.
  • Serves as a task light and doubles as a signal light, enabling worksites to implement safety monitoring and provide instant visual warnings when needed.

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ThermGlo™ LED Neon is specifically designed to illuminate saunas and steam rooms both safely and with style.

Utilising a specialised LED chip and silicone casing, ThermGlo™ LED Neon is engineered to withstand temperatures of up to 95°C, perfect for traditional sauna which typically range from 70°C to 95°C.

  • Engineered to withstand temperatures of up to 95°C.
  • Horizontal or vertical bend options.
  • On-board constant current design helps to control temperature for extra heat protection.
  • IP67 rating, ensuring resilience even in environments with 100% relative humidity.

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The Panoray free bend wall washer is an encapsulated LED with enclosed, individual lenses allowing free movement both vertically and horizontally.

The advanced optic configuration allows for smooth wall washing with various beam angle options available. Panoray is ideal for illuminating vertical spaces in unique applications such as columns and curved facades.

  • Free bend – each luminaire can bend both vertically and horizontally.
  • Waterproof DIY connector for east on-site installation.
  • Available in white or black silicone casing
  • Lens available in symmetric: 15° , 25° and elliptical: 18×25°, 18×40°, 20×55°

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