An arson attack at Sacred Heart in 2017 gave way to an opportunity to completely re-build their ILE Science Faculty. One of the key applications for this lighting concept was to transform the learning experience by using colour scenes to provide visual guidance and replace the traditional bell signal.

RGB & White LEDs were used in Highline 02 with Casambi control to create simple yet clever luminaires for this modern learning environment.

The sequence of light is fully automated with the internal time clock. However, this automated sequence can be overridden by a simple press of a button and the light will shift to natural white. The button can be pressed again to return to the coloured light sequence that is relevant to the time that it is pressed. 

The advantage here is that the sequence cannot be altered simply interrupted.

Call to Space - Sections within the space are colour coded in Blue, Green and Violet to direct students to the correct zone for their scheduled learning.


Teaching Light - The entire space is returned to the natural white 4000K light for the duration of the scheduled lesson.

 Pack up Time - At the conclusion of the lesson, the light appears as a soft red colour.


Time to Leave - The light shifts to a soft green to indicate to the students to move to their next class.


Teachers only - The light appears as with a golden hue to indicate to the students that the space is now for teachers only.


This project is incredibly simple in its execution and yet, the applied technology has elevated the experience of light for these students in a way that really pushes the boundaries of communication within a school environment. Our willingness and capability to be involved in bespoke projects allows us to support innovative ideas such as these in the design community.