The Waitematā Station Shines Bright 
with Element 62

At the bustling heart of Auckland’s transport network lies the iconic and recently renamed, Waitematā Train Station (formerly Britomart), a hub of movement and connectivity. Amidst the constant flux of commuters and travellers, maintaining efficient and effective lighting is paramount. When faced with the challenge of upgrading the lighting system beneath the pedestrian bridge in a functioning train station, the solution needed to be supplied quickly and be reliable. 

Bright Light worked with Design from J.A. Russell and enter Element 62, a custom-built linear luminaire designed to elevate both functionality and aesthetics. With the old fluorescent lighting system failing and sections already dimmed, the need for a robust and energy-efficient solution became evident. The Waitematā Station sought not just to restore illumination but to enhance it, ensuring a seamless and safe experience for all who pass through.

A total of 121 metres of Element 62 were used with the lengths varied, from 3 metres to over 16 metres, each meticulously tailored to fit the dimensions of the bridge and ensure uniform lighting distribution. With 4000K Natural White illumination and an impressive output of 3500lm/m, Element 62 offered not just brightness but clarity, enhancing visibility and safety for pedestrians.

The modular design of Element 62 proved instrumental in achieving precise installation. Built from a modular system comprising feed pieces, mid pieces, and end pieces, each length was tailored to fit seamlessly within the bridge’s structure. This adaptability ensured a snug fit, eliminating gaps and shadows while maximizing the luminaire’s effectiveness.

Crucially, the luminaires were DALI controllable, and supplied with a DALI plug to suit the onsite install. DALI luminaires allowed for centralised control and monitoring, empowering administrators to manage lighting levels dynamically, responding to the station’s evolving needs with ease.

The installation itself was a testament to precision and craftsmanship. The luminaires were installed in difficult on-site conditions by Adam and the awesome Aotea team. With mounting solutions to suit the exact requirements of vertical and horizontal surfaces, the silver luminaires were strategically positioned behind mesh paneling, seamlessly blending functionality with the existing aesthetic of the space.

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