In late 2022 Wyma Solutions, one of the most innovative and agile companies in the post-harvest sector got in touch with Bright Light for the supply of the lighting on their new production and main office building in Christchurch. The building was still under construction at the time.

The large building included a range of different spaces including lobby, offices, breakout space, meeting rooms & cafeteria. Harald Giffels, National Projects & Specification Manager at Bright Light was excited to get involved to support this flagship project. The lighting solution included Bright Light’s popular Luminaire – Highline 05 100, 300×1200 LED panels, down lights and Lowline 01 profile with LED. 
 Wyma Lobby


The panel lighting was primarily utilised in the two large, shared office spaces to provide an even and consistent light throughout the whole space.

The cafeteria featured black powder-coated Highline 05 luminaires included as part of the recessed black ceiling sections.  In consideration for the Christchurch location, rod suspensions were used as the main suspension type, however several white luminaires were wall mounted over the sink & mirror areas in the bathrooms.

Wyma Office and Bathroom


The building design featured a black baffle ceiling treatment in the entrance lobby space. Bright Light Christchurch Operations Manager, Terrence Courtney worked with the electrical contractor to develop a unique baffle mounting solution for our Highline 05 luminaires to facilitate easy on-site installation & height adjustment. 

The meeting rooms & training space featured stunning single or double Highline 05 fittings in a crisp white powder-coat and rod suspended with both direct and indirect lighting to add light level control in dynamic presentation spaces.

Wyma Office Lighting

Highline 05 LED Breakout space

The breakout space featured a single Highline 05 in black rod suspended situated over a bar style table – perfect for breaks or an informal meeting.  Lowline 01, a shallow recessed profile is used to illuminate the bench top in the small adjacent kitchenette.

All the Highline 05 luminaires were custom built to length and with various lumen outputs to best illuminate the different spaces. DALI drivers were used throughout for simple push-to-dim adjustment of the individual light levels without complex control systems.

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