Proseries by Bright Light is a top-quality LED ribbon strip designed for high-end projects that require the best that lighting can offer. Its superior quality starts with the chip, which includes CRI 90, R9 80, 2-step MacAdam, and Single Bin technology. These features make it a high-quality product that accurately renders colours and provides consistent colour quality.

The CRI value of 90 indicates that the light source accurately represents colours as they appear under natural daylight, making it ideal for settings where colour accuracy is crucial, such as art galleries, photography studios, museums, and hospitals. A high CRI value also creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere by making colours appear vibrant and lively, which is important in spaces such as restaurants, hotels, and homes. It also promotes visual clarity and reduces eye strain in work environments where visual acuity is essential, such as in offices and factories.

Proseries R9 value of 80 accurately represents red tones, which are often difficult to render with LED lighting. This makes it well-suited for use in settings where red tones are important, such as in fashion and beauty applications, supermarkets, and retail to make red colours pop. The 2-step MacAdam technology ensures colour temperature consistency, providing a high level of colour stability essential for professional settings. And the Single Bin technology ensures that all LEDs in a given ribbon have been manufactured to the same specifications and are within a tight tolerance range, providing a high level of quality control for professional applications.

Overall, Proseries is a top-quality product designed to meet the demanding needs of professional settings where colour accuracy, consistency, and stability are critical.


Image above:  Proseries was used for MASU a Japanese robata restaurant on Federal Street, Auckland. Read about the project.