What is COB?

An acronym for ‘Chip on Board’, COB LED Ribbon is a leading-edge technology which uses small LED chips mounted directly onto a ‘Printed Circuit Board’ or PCB.

Traditionally LED chips are mounted within an individual casing and then covered with phosphor. In this new approach the chips are mounted closer together and are covered with a single line of phosphor providing better than ever dot-free continuous illumination and added mechanical protection.

Available in 3000K Warm White & 4000K Natural White as well as Tuneable White & RGB models. Options available for IP20 Interior & IP66 exterior (also great for bathrooms). The IP66 model is encased in a silicone sleeve and uses silicone connectors and end caps to achieve the IP rating (connectors sold separately).

Available by the metre or in convenient 2M and 5M retail packs at supporting electrical wholesalers.

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Retail Packs

Pre-cut 2m and 5m COB LED retail packs are available from supporting electrical wholesalers in a variety of options. All retail packs come with 500mm tails ready for wiring on-site.

IP66 packs include pre-fitted connectors + additional connectors & end caps for cutting on-site.

*Power supplies & control gear sold separately.

  • White


    6, 9 & 12W/m | CRI ≥90 | IP20 & IP66

    Available in 6 / 9 & 12W/m in both 3000K Warm white & 4000K Natural white. Small cutting lengths of 15.62mm (12W/m) & 16.66mm (6 & 9W/m) you can be sure to get the perfect fit in any installation. Quick clip connectors are available for the IP20 interior model.

    Options for both IP20 Interior & IP66 exterior (also perfect for bathrooms).

  • Tuneable White

    Tuneable White

    2700K – 6000K | CRI ≥90 | IP20

    Tuneable White allows the adjustment of lighting to suit the environment & is perfect for spaces used at various times throughout the day.

    Warmer temperatures create a cozy feel that is perfect for evenings, while cooler temperatures simulate day light, offering a more alert feel.

  • RGB


    5W/m | 840 LED/m | IP20 & IP66

    Colour your world with RGB COB Ribbon. 840 LED/m ensures a dot-free result and the 25mm cutting length allows the perfect fit in any installation.

    Options for both IP20 Interior & IP66 exterior (also perfect for bathrooms).