15W Wall Washer Ribbon | IP65 | IP67


Our 15W/m Wall Washer LED Ribbon has lenses providing a 35° beam angle to beautifully illuminate a wall with a graze of light. It is available in three colour temperatures. 

IP67 connections are included and fitted at factory during the production process. Lead times apply.

An IP65 option is available using the same 15W/m Wall Washer LED Ribbon, but with local connections which can be either fitted by Bright Light or made on-site. For this power connectors and end caps (sold separately) are required.  Local stock is sold in 5-metre lengths.

This product fits our larger profiles such as our Highline range 01, 02, 03 & 04.

15W Wall Washer Ribbon | IP65 | IP6715W Wall Washer Ribbon | IP65 | IP67