4 × 5A Nexta Plano-One


Plano-One by Nexta is a universal control unit for constant voltage LED Ribbon 12–24V DC. This little box can control RGBW, RGB, CCT or single colour ribbon; voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google home over WiFi via the OneSmart control app. Plano-one is also compatible with our range of RF remote controls and/or wired (off/on/dim control) to a wall mounted press switch.  MADE IN ITALY. 

Watch PLANO-ONE OneSmart Control Config Tutorial

Watch PLANO-ONE Voice Control Config Tutorial (Google Home or Amazon Alexa) 

4 × 5A Nexta Plano-One4 × 5A Nexta Plano-One4 × 5A Nexta Plano-One