The importance of an impeccably designed entryway or lobby, coupled with carefully orchestrated lighting cannot be overstated. A well-crafted design introduces guests to the essence and personality of a place. It acts as a visual narrative, conveying the purpose, values, and character of the establishment, while Lighting, often referred to as the "invisible design element," plays an integral role in enhancing the ambiance and functionality of any space.  This synergy between design and lighting holds the power to profoundly influence the perception and experience of any space, setting the tone for what lies beyond and shaping the initial impressions of visitors.

Event Cinemas faced this challenge while conceptualising the cinema lobby in the Tauranga Crossing shopping mall in Tauriko. Ultimately, a decision was reached to craft a suspended, sculptural lighting installation that would grace the ceiling. The concept was a layout of illuminated squares that float and overlap across the ceiling was produced by Sydney-based lighting designers LLight and was brought to life by Enhance light_for architecture and Bright Light.

Cinema Lighting

Skillfully orchestrated lighting serves as both a functional and artistic tool. It guides guests through the space while sculpting an atmosphere that aligns with the intended ambiance.

Aaron Brown, a Lighting Engineer based in Enhance light_for architecture’s Bay of Plenty office, was enlisted for the task. Aaron reached out to Bright Light, as we specialise in designing, engineering, and producing lighting systems for architectural projects, to collaborate in crafting a premium lighting solution. The design achieved a balance between a lively and vibrant effect with a soft illuminated atmosphere to avert excessive glare.

The team embarked on a comprehensive journey encompassing design, fabrication, and installation.  The project comprised of 17 distinct squares, with each square comprising four light bars. Encased within a 2-meter-long perforated bronze metal enclosure, each bar works together, creating a harmonious ensemble suspended as 2-meter by 2-meter square frame. These luminaires where finally suspended on-site at varying heights and frequently overlapping to create an edgy, floating appearance.

“We incorporated our LED light modules with a custom designed and fabricated luminaire that were all individually dimmable via a DALI control system,” says director David Powley. “The metal channels are perforated with holes to create a soft lighting effect,” explains David. “They were constructed in aluminium in a medium-dark bronze anodised colour chosen by Ignite Architects to match the other architectural materials and textures in the space.”

“In recent years, there has been a real shift to a cutting-edge linear lighting look, like we've achieved in the cinema,” remarks David, “And new technologies used in lighting, such as lightweight aluminium and LED, means we can react to specific designs that architects and designers are developing”.

“Good lighting can really energise a space,” adds Aaron, which is certainly true of this striking lobby in Tauranga. “Event Cinemas and their audience were certainly impressed and happy with the installation,” says Aaron.