When approached by Gaze Commercial, an architectural interior design company, Bright Light were intrigued by the opportunity to collaborate on an exciting office fitout in Christchurch.

Breaking away from the conventional norms of accountancy firm spaces, Grant Thornton aimed to establish a distinct identity. Gaze Commercial's dedicated team worked in close coordination to conceive and craft a space that was both invigorating and harmonious.

For Grant Thornton, the goal was to illuminate the reception area effectively while infusing it with dynamic energy. Opting for innovation, they selected a series of staggered LED linear lights arranged in hexagonal patterns on the ceiling. This hexagonal motif echoed in the carpet tiling below, creating a repeated geometry that radiated vitality throughout the space.

 “They wanted something a bit different to the standard office lighting,” says Bright Light director David Powley.  “Whether it’s a circle, a hexagon, or a star fitting, customers are wanting to make a feature of their lighting and do something unique.”

The luminaires were thoughtfully designed with a matte black powder-coat finish, creating a striking contrast against the white ceiling and the luminous output. This deliberate choice contributed to a bold and contemporary aesthetic.

“It creates a real feature of the lighting, rather than recessing the lighting into the ceiling, which is a more traditional way of lighting an office,” says David.

Bright Light possesses an in-house facility capable of precision cutting and seamless joining of LED linear light strips, allowing for custom sizes and configurations along with unique powder-coating finishes.

“This means there’s choice out there, whether you want a custom colour or shape, it will make your project different to the others.”

Because Bright Light is based in New Zealand, customisation isn’t difficult. The local design team works with clients and uses 3D software to help the client visualise the design, before it’s put into production.   

Bright Light boasts the ability to craft virtually any custom profile, accommodating measurements, angles, fitting colors, and light hues to devise bespoke solutions that elevate spatial experiences.

Bright Light have installed a 10-plus metre zigzag linear LED light that weaved its way through an office space. “We can do anything of that scale, the only limit is your imagination.” says David.

One advantage of locally sourced lighting solutions is the elimination of the typical six to twelve-week lead time, a testament to the efficiency of the process. As exemplified in the installation of a zigzagging, over ten-meter-long linear LED light that intricately winds through a commercial Wellington office space, Bright Light showcases its knack for innovative implementations.

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