Rude Boy is a trendy, metropolitan eatery which features Bright Light LED profile Highline 01 suspended over the main food cabinet to showcase the many sweet and savoury treats available for cafe goers.  The sleek profile provides light over the entire cabinet and helps to draw the eye down the whole length of food options. Additional Highline 01 lengths were suspended over the kitchen and coffee stations, creating a bright and welcoming space.  The profile was supplied silver aluminium and pre-cut to allow for an easy on-site installation.  

Mounted on the wall between the coffee station and kitchen, short lengths of Baseline 01 were installed behind a gunmetal grey mesh adding diffuse lighting and creating an attractive, ambient effect.  The Baseline 01 profile was supplied in black powder-coat allowing it to blend in with the walls. All linear lighting was supplied in warm white (3000K) to create a warm and inviting ambience.  

Rude Boy Deli & Eatery is located at 34 Sale St, Auckland - check them out when you're next in the area!