When Sealegs International approached Bright Light about LED lighting for their new electric E4 Amphibious Craft, we didn’t hesitate in recommending Neon Edge RGB Chasing. Considering the nature of this project (being used in and around salt water) Neon was the best choice as the LED ribbon is sealed within a protective silicone gel suitable for use in salt water. In addition, all the connections were made with factory dual injection moulding to ensure an IP68 rating.

Neon Edge is a sleek product with dimensions of 11.5cm x 21mm and a 60mm minimum bend radius making it the perfect option for this project. Used on the bow, around the steering console, seats and around the rear trim, Neon Edge RGB chasing creates a stunning effect, especially in the dusk/evening. With RGB the colour can be customised to suit personal preference.  Chasing enables independent chip addressing, allowing the colours to appear to move and blend along each length, creating a dynamic design.

Images Courtesy of Sealegs International Ltd. View the video at: