In early 2021 Outline Design engaged Bright Light to create some large-scale, bespoke light fittings in custom colours as part of a design concept for St Kentigern College. The light fittings were to be feature pieces within the design. Bright Light’s Highline 05 100mm profile was selected due its popular style & form factor. 

From here the custom-work started, profile lengths were custom powder-coated in Dulux Electro Bright Spark and Dulux Mamba Green. The fittings were then custom formed into several different size ratios squares and rectangles, some up to 4m in length. 

The final production included 14 bespoke luminaires using over 108 metres of Highline 05 profile & LED ribbon.  The result speaks for itself, providing beautiful down lighting for the students and matching the surrounding décor.