Correlated Colour Temperature, or CCT, is the technical term for the colour appearance of white LEDs and is measured in Kelvins (K). Bright Light's range of products have a warm white light option which is often used in homes or hospitality spaces, a natural white light that is used in more commercial applications, and a cool white light which is often preferred in the marine industry or for signage projects.
Colour Temperature

Selecting the right colour of white LED light is important for the success of our projects. Warmer tones create a more relaxing environment, natural white is similar to daylight and keeps you alert while making tasks easier, and much cooler colour temperatures are contrasting and bright, perfect for drawing attention to signs.


The visible spectrum is used when we are working with coloured light. Each of these colours have a wavelength and these are measured in nanometres (nm).

Visible Spectrum

Coloured LED Neon is great for signage and large-scale commercial projects, and our RGB products are a great creative tool for theatres, bars, or restaurants.