Graze 3D Wall Grazer


24W/m Graze 3D Wall Grazer is a W23×H25mm encapsulated product with various beam angle options. The independent LED lens allow for 3D bending both horizontally and vertically to work with architectural designs.  Models are available in white, RGBW and RGBW Pixel and with beam angles of 35°, 25×40° and 25×55°.

With an IP67 rating it is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, with IP66 silicone power feed/end cap covers for on-site shortening (white light only).  

This product is made to length at factory, check with our team for lead times.
Available in 2700K, 3000K & 5000K by request.

Graze 3D Wall GrazerGraze 3D Wall Grazer