Neon Classic | Tuneable White


Neon Classic with a tuneable white light, from 2700K through to 5000K, is a sleek solution for cove lighting, handrails, or architectural features with options for interior, exterior, and underwater applications (IP rating determined by available connectors). Mounting accessories are also available.  Tuneable White lighting can be adjusted to suit the environment and time of day. Warmer temperatures create a cosy feel that is perfect for evenings, while cooler temperatures simulate day light, creating a more alert feel.

Neon is a broad range of encapsulated LED ribbons in a durable silicone material, view the "Downloads" for specifications. Looking for something unique? Talk to us and we’ll see what we can do!

Neon is an Indent item with lead times involved, check with Bright Light for availability.

Neon Classic | Tuneable WhiteNeon Classic | Tuneable WhiteNeon Classic | Tuneable White